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Comfoam Germany GmbH - a company based on Japanese style and applying German principles, now proudly offers;

Beautiful items can be purchased by everyone. Not only expensive products are well-designed. Design-conscious products should be available at a reasonable price for your everyday use. Designs with the user in mind, need the skills of the designer and of the engineers at the factory to be realized. Skilled designers and engineers have made it possible for everyone to introduce more beautiful objects into lifestyle. We have chosen designs which will set the standard, and which will be chosen for everyday use over the capricious trend by customers. Our mission is to set a design standard, which also cuts out waste in the manufacturing process as much as possible. We believe this is the way to produce items which are beautiful, simple, and inexpensive. By eliminating waste we both reduce costs and we satisfy the most discerning and value conscious consumers.

Comfoam Germany GmbH was founded in 2003 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Comfoam distributes compressed Melamine Sponge-cloth, which is produced in Germany by a special patented method. Comfoam is now expanding, with this range of environmentally influenced housewares, through collaboration with the Harvest International Group.


At Harvest International Group, our new manufacturing partner;

Waste is eliminated at every stage. The manufactures, Harvest (Hong Kong) International co. Ltd, have installed the most up-to-date handling and quality systems. The most critical Japanese customers have, for many years, admired the quality of Harvest products. A single logistics system is used across all 32 plants in the Harvest Group, located in Gung Zhou province, China. All products manufactured are held in a single warehouse, where orders are picked and packed, ready for dispatch to each individual customer branch or shop when the container arrives at the EU destination. By cutting both waste and time we can offer products which are both low price and beautifully designed.


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